Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today's jam is raspberry

As kids we always would have bread and butter for dinner on the day that Mom made jam. That way the foam that was removed before jarring up, would not go to waste. With 5 hungry kids and a starved Husband, there really was not enough of the treat to go around.

Tonight we too shall have bread and butter with our dinner.

As the raspberries grew and ripened, I picked, washed, towel dried and then froze them individually on a dinner plate or baking sheet; depending upon how many were harvested. This proved handy, I was able to pour the berries out into a large measure.

I guestimated that 2 one quart bags would make the required 5 cups mashed berries as instructed on the leaflet from the pectin package. A rounded 8 cups of berries does thaw and mash to 5 cups.

I chose to make this jam in pint jars, Honey is fond of raspberry jam, so the pint size will not be wasted. The recipe was exact, calling for 8 half pints. I wanted to use a quick cooking recipe for the berries, to preserve as much flavor as possible. Berries tend to be a bit more delicate than stone fruits. It has also been many years since I had made raspberry jam using pectin. I noticed a small change in the directions, cook the fruit and pectin 1 minute on boil then add sugar. The mixture is brought to a rolling boil, boil 1 minute and that is it. Done.

I have another batch to make this evening, the berries have taken up a lot of room in our limited freezer space. I am thinking I will have enough berries left after the second batch for a batch of Peach Melba jam. Daughter in law made some, and boy oh boy, it is so good!

Today will be busy, I have week-end Manager duty, a trip to Costco and more jam this evening. Oh yeah and I will make dinner, after all there is bread and butter to eat!

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redmenace said...

I am always up for jam. Thanks!