Saturday, August 29, 2009

Today's jam is Peach Melba

I used the standard recipe from the pectin package, the only change is that I used 4 cups of peaches and 4 c of whole frozen raspberries that cook down to about 2 21/2 cups of fruit. I did not increase the sugar, because I have found for me more sugar than fruit is too sweet.

I blanched the peaches, they peeled so easy.

Such wonderful peaches, the smell was great.

I simply mashed them with a potato masher.

Stirred in the frozen berries, packaged pectin and brought to a boil, per package instruction. Added the pre-measured sugar and cooked at a rolling boil. Completed the standard capping process and a 10 minute boiling water bath.

I now clean up the kitchen while the jars are processing in the boiling water, and you know, it only takes about 10 minutes to scrub the jam pot and utensils. That way when you remove the jars from the canner, you are really done.

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noble pig said...

I seriously need to make jam!!