Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday night brights

Purple basil from the garden, this vinegar will make some great salad dressing. I want more bottles, there are more herbs in the garden to flavor more vinegar.

Beautiful peaches set out to mellow, Peach Melba jam is on my to do list.

OK, I am not mechanical, but I can make do. I used zip ties to make a sling to hold a stainless steel bowl in the tree. If you put out food, you need to put out water. My other attempts have broken, or blown away. We will see about this one.

Raspberries gone wild. It's OK the new growth is next years crop. Fortunately I have more zip ties! By the way, the zip ties worked great keeping the raspberries canes on the wire. I will zip tie the new growth, but I think after that they can just be "set" upon the old growth and will naturally follow the wire. We have a city farm close by, and the canes from previous years lend support to the current crop.

This one got in here by mistake, but I decided to leave it. Hi!, I am Melynda of Mom's Sunday Cafe. Daughter snapped a few shots of me before we left to see Julie & Julia. A great movie by the way!
This is a page from my photo album. You may have noticed the Facebook badge on the blog. I am not techie anymore than I am mechanical, but I decided to add some features to the blog. I am also (truthfully) learning how to use them. Right after I opened the Facebook account, I did a search for my best friend from Yakima when we were 14. Right there on Facebook as quick as pushing enter. And here she is (with the necklace - left side center shot), we are once again in touch. Great times getting to know what we each have been up to in the last 30+ years.

Oh and yes that is a snake wrapped around my wrist, lower left.

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello.



Sadge said...

So now I'm wondering why you're putting water up in a tree. Do you have giraffes? ;-)

Melynda said...

No giraffes, but there are some neighborhood cats that roam through yards, mine included. I had a bird bath on a pedestal, but did not notice many birds there. Since I have food sources to attract birds and bees (up in the tree), I thought it would be a good spot to have water as well.

Pam said...

Water for the birds - you are so thoughtful and clever.

I loved the movie Julie and Julia too!

Melynda said...

Thanks Pam, I am trying to create a backyard healthy for all, us, a garden and the natural wildlife that helps out by controlling the over population of bugs and such.