Monday, August 10, 2009

silver spoon and salt cellar and other great finds!

I bought this antique silver serving spoon in Seaside Or about 9 years ago. My sister and I were making a very special dinner, and I wanted something special to add to the festive atmosphere. We were preparing food for a "Before and After" dinner*.

It is very tiny, that is a dime beside it for scale. It is an antique serving spoon, from a salt cellar. I never did find a cellar to go with it, and I have kept the little spoon in my jewelry box, waiting.

For this, a tiny milk glass jar that I found in Sellwood, this weekend. Our trip to the beach never did materialize. When the weather people talked about rain on the coast, we made other plans. Those plans included a trip to Sellwood and walking through the antique shops. Although the two were not made for each other, I love them together. The pieces are so small, they are difficult to photograph.

I also found some vintage garnet red glass apothecary jars. I have them on the open hutch shelves in the kitchen. I think the large one for cookies, and the smaller one for the open crackers we might be eating currently.
Honey thought it would be fun to show the cellar serving spoon along side a regular serving spoon.
I also found this 1954 cookbook. Straight forward frugal New England cooking. Fun.

An this hammered cooper basket with a brass handle. I love hammered cooper.

And these vintage Anchor Hawking red glass pieces. I would love to find more little red things. I just love red. But I am sure I have touched on that before!

* A "Before and After" dinner is a fun time to have when there is going to be a wedding. All the women in the family are invited, and each brings a gift for everyone. We held the number to 8. We also placed a limit on the amount that was spent on a gift. Each time a guest arrived there were 8 more gifts added to the gift corner. My sister and I made a lovely dinner, we acted as servers. After the dessert we all went into the living room and everyone opened their gifts Everyone had a wonderful time. Our guest list included every step in marriage. Short term married, long term married, married and expecting, and the about to be married. Hence "before and after".

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