Saturday, July 4, 2009

Chocolate Chip Applesauce Cake

OK really this is as easy as a box mix, only better. Better because you did it, your way. On your time schedule, for your needs and when you want. See it is all about you!

One of the desserts that we had for Sunday Cafe was the delicious Chocolate chip applesauce cake. I will be honest it is a devil to get out of the pan, but so worth it. I think it is because the chocolate chips settle during the initial baking time. My guess is that, as the batter warms, it also thins. The chips being a bit heavier tend to sink. But never mind all that....this cake is the ideal recipe to use as a base recipe.

I know the traditional "snack cake" is an 8 inch square pan.

Hey wait a minute, that was a marketing ploy. You know the "you don't even need to dirty a bowl, mix it right in the pan". Stuff of dreams and advertising salesmen. It could be cut into 9 just right sized pieces of cake, feed your family a dessert and have leftovers too. But don't you think that the Bundt pan is a better cake shape? Nice easy slices, simple to pack in a lunch box, etc etc. And clearly a Bundt pan makes more than 9 servings/pieces. So it really is a win win set of circumstances.

Yesterday I played around with that cake recipe, and without changing much at all you could have a few different cakes. I made a zucchini chocolate chip cake. I have not cut it yet, but it looks good and smells good. Commercial canned applesauce has a lot of moisture. When you substitute another like type ingredient, the moisture might not be as much, so it may be necessary to add a couple of tablespoons of milk to keep the "batter" consistency. Which is what I had to do for the zucchini cake. Since this cake is not dependent upon a long beating time like many scratch cakes, it truly is open to experimentation. And adding a bit of milk at the end will not cause a negative outcome.

You could change out the applesauce for, finely grated zucchini, mashed bananas, pumpkin or even cooked sweet potatoes. Especially for the last two ingredients, I would think some additional moisture would be necessary. Also depending upon the choose item you would or would not want chocolate chips. However nuts or raisins would be great. Or even granola clusters.

I kept notes about how I put this new version together, and after I have a slice tonight (or sooner, I am getting hungry!) and I think it is good enough, I will come back and post the recipe. But I do think a new category had been established, I think everyone needs a few good,

"one bowl cake recipes".

Have a wonderful fourth of July, and as always, thanks for taking the time to stop by.



noble pig said...

Glad you made it. Were you able to get it out without wrecking it? It's so good though. I'm thinking I might sprinkle my chocolate chips with flour first so they don't sink as much.

Melynda said...

I have a tool I use that makes it easy to get a cake out of a pan. But this cake, is a sticky wicket! I will share on Monday Night Brights.

The flour idea might also help, maybe a tablespoon of the measured flour could be used to toss the chocolate chips with, or I had another thought also - mini chips.