Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday night brights

Speaking of stuff, this bag is for granddaughter's birthday in October. She will be 5 and ready for things a bit more mature or grown up.

The heat this past couple of weeks has done a great job of growing rhubarb. I might have enough yet.

This Yucca plant was transplanted and left to survive on it's own. Happy little thing, it even bloomed.
It is hot right now, but this is one of the two cords we will burn this winter. Second cord will be delivered this Friday. Then the real work begins, each piece has to loaded, moved and stacked.

The butterfly bush bloomed. I haven't noticed many butterflies, yet. I like having butterflies in the yard, they are so delicate.

The ever bearing strawberries are still bearing. The second row of June bearing, did not. I knew that I got them in too late, also they were very young plants. I have placed all the little runners back into the beds. These raised beds need a bit more soil and a lot more mulch. I am hoping for a better crop next year.

The chives have budded and will be blooming. The flowers are pretty as well as tasty, they make a nice flavored vinegar. I want to make flavored vinegars from the herbs in the garden. Three different batches, rosemary, basil and chive.

Another shot of the garden, the raspberries are a little out of control! I have some minor changes to make to the irrigation system, but I did fairly well this year. I have never had a garden before. I have lived in homes where a garden had already been established, but I made this one. It was fun and I learned a lot. With more to learn.

Going through old photos for a special project. It was fun to take a look again. Old photographs are special, I think we should go through them at least every few years. It is a great time to learn about yourself and how you are like your family no matter how much you deny it!

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ya ya's mom said...

shorty got into kindergarten!!!! needed 60 points, got 92!!!!

noble pig said...

Lots of stuff going on in the garden. And a interesting!