Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday night brights

I picked this fresh to put in the rhubarb pie. I added it to what had been picked earlier and put in the freezer. When the plants mature and start producing, maybe I will have enough rhubarb, I sure hope so! There are so many things I want to do with it, relish, chutneys and combination fruit and rhubarb jams. I am thinking raspberry and rhubarb with a splash of Port wine.

Just a little tip, keep your pastry cloth and your stocking covered rolling pin in the freezer between uses. They are always ready and you just never know when the need for pie will strike.

I wish I could say I grew these (maybe on of these days) but these are from Costco, yum. 7 bags of lightly sugared berries to enjoy this winter.

OK (please) don't laugh, when I pick the berries I clean them and freeze them. I hope to have enough by season's end for a batch of each jam. You have heard of the little engine that could, I am the big Grammy that hopes!

A fun surprise. A gift from (Son and DIL) the kids. Garlic dipping oil, herb blends and a carry bag. They brought it to Sunday Cafe. I see bread on the menu next month.

A new flag for the front area. I like a flag displayed at my home, always have. I have loved our flag since grade school, and felt special pride when I learned to fold one in Girl Scouts. This was the right time to get it done with the 4th just around the corner. Thanks to Honey, he got it done before going to work.

This week is a 4 day work week. I am always glad for the short week, but whew the back up and back log of what needs to be done once I go back makes me re think the whole idea of a short week. But here we are on the front side, so the whole idea looks good again!

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Sadge said...

I've had problems with the oil in my pastry cloth starting to smell rancid, and then having to soak the cloth in baking soda water and then bleach it. I hadn't thought of keeping the rolling pin cover and pastry cloth in the freezer. Thanks!