Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday night brights

What a busy weekend, I needed all three days to get it all done! The backyard is presentable, finally. Granddaughter spent the night Saturday, and all that you see below got done as well.

Out door dining, we are ready for summer and cook outs! The BBQ awning from last year did not make it through the wind storms of fall. This time I will wait for Honey to build a wooden/strong awning. Honey.........

A second bed for strawberries was added. I cannot find any to plant in it, but I will be ready next spring, if I have to wait that long. To the left are herb pots, so far basil (3 varieties) and rosemary. To the right, 2 current bushes. I want to plant a couple of varieties of mint in the third one. The shot would of been prettier without the wheelbarrow, drag cart and sack of garden soil; but I ran out of gas myself!

The raspberries and marionberries were edged with used bricks. You can see the corner of the outdoor table in the lower left of this shot. This makes a nice privacy screen for out outside eating area. Our back yard is open to the park and school, only separated by a cyclone fence. It is nice to see folks enjoy the park, walk their dogs etc. But when I am eating, I want a bit more privacy.

The blueberries were doubled, now there are 4 bushes. The two on each end are the same variety. I am on the look out for more used bricks to edge this side of the raspberries and marionberries. Oh and there is a bit more weeding to get done on this side, but this has been a very busy 3 days.

The rhubarb was also doubled, now there are four. I have always thought that a garden was just the spot to relax in, and that is what I wanted when this whole Potager project began. I have little spots for food, others for relaxation and even more for a little whimsy. See that old green (almost worn out) birdhouse to the far left? It was in the front yard when the house was bought 3 years ago. I renamed it the "peanut house" and moved it to the backyard. Our granddaughter loves to put peanuts in it for the squirrels.

This is our "sit down and get caught up with each other" place. It is shady and I wanted to do something different and yet fun. See those concrete stands? Those are salvaged fence post anchors. They were dug out when Honey put up the new fence. I wanted them, I did not know at the time what for, but hey I knew they would be good for something. They are candle holders for our relaxation spot. The concrete is perfect for that, it won't burn and they are about 6 feet away from the house.

Have a great week! With all of the pantries in place and a kitchen that is set up to cook and the yard presentable, I can start cooking again!

As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by.


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noble pig said...

Wow, you did a lot! You will enjoy the fruits of your labor!