Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday night brights

First harvest of rhubarb. It sure is pretty, just a few this first picking; but I will process and put it in the freezer. Soon there will be enough for some jam or chutney or a pie or.....

Here is the 3rd hutch. I am so happy! The kitchen is now a kitchen with storage space. I swear the 70's kitchen this house was built with was for a non cook, or Betty Crocker herself; with a box for every dish. The shelf to the right is to cover up the right side that was against the wall in the house it come from. Honey will build a right hand side similar to the shelf unit. See those drawers? I am in love :).A silverware drawer, is there anything better?

Only this spice drawer.

Or this utensil drawer.
Or this one.
How about this one with all the skillets?

Or these two pan drawers, there is also a drawer that holds all the lids; but I deleted it in my excitement.

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Pam said...

I love the hutch - you are so lucky to have so much storage now. My kitchen doesn't have nearly drives me nuts.

Melynda said...
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