Saturday, May 9, 2009

Itchy hands and dirty PJ's

Odd title I know, but intended.

I have had such a case of the dulls here lately.

OK, your right for a couple of months; oh all right you win - a few months. Yes as a matter of fact I do know a couple is only 2.

Everywhere I look something needs to be done. Don't get me wrong, plus I don't want you to think I am a slob, the house is clean and my job was not let go, no write ups or anything like that. However everywhere I turn here, in the house and yard; something needs to be done. And please don't let me start on my lack of cooking, even I am sick to death of that!

When you have all that staring at you, oh my gosh. Where to begin? But fortunately as heavy as all that can be upon one's shoulders, it can lift with a swiftness unknown until that moment.

Which leads us back to the title.

I sit here with my hands itchy from being scrubbed clean at the sink and wet dirty kneed PJ's because I tackled some of the weeds in the backyard. About 1/3 got done this morning. And that start will lead to more sessions being accomplished, until it is where I would like it to be.

For years now I have gone out in the early morning in my PJ's and a sweatshirt to work in the backyard garden. I should probably refer to that area as dirt, because it is more dirt than garden. I learned a long time ago, that once I am dressed and busy I won't get back to the weeding for that day. So now I do that first.

I bookmarked some pages from another blog to cook, my thanks to Mary. I have 3 nice zucchini that I will cook. There is a trip to Costco to stock the cupboards, gas to get for the car, another stop to make at BiMart. And I must make this coffee cake, thanks to Cathy of Noble Pig. See the weekends are like that, now you know the secret. Start your day in the yard in your PJ's!

Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Mother's day to all!


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noble pig said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and yes...enjoy the coffee's yumm-o.