Saturday, May 30, 2009

How shall I put this?

Here is the low down, work has been crazy for a few months now.

Crazy as in 12 hours of work needed done in 8 hours given. This ritual has been in place since I started, but a couple of weeks ago that all changed. A new team member came on board, and my work load has magically turned to normal this week.

Now, normal is an interesting word. I personally have heard the word normal offered as a joke, or a benchmark of unknown value, or even as a unit of value that could not be quantified.

But normal can also mean real. As in:

I have a normal life.

I normally cook dinner and we eat together.

On a normal day, I feel like I get everything done.

But you see, I have not been normal.

I have been crazy. And let's not forget:

and sluggish.

I had actually started to think of myself as lazy.

Which I did not like. Because there is a lot I want to do. Before that however, is the things I need to do. The bare minimum had been done all along of course, but I prefer more.

And I think I can have more, now.

Now, about the lack of cooking. I got another cookbook, well actually a couple of them. But today I am going to make a trip to Costco and then make a couple of the recipes from the book and get the freezer stocked with some "quick decision dinners". Dinners that can thaw in the fridge while you work, and be cooked when you get home with nothing more to think about. Everyone needs a few of those.

Tomorrow is Sunday Cafe, I have not yet decided what we shall eat. But I have decided that it needs to include the outdoor grill. This will be the first grilling of the season, so I need to get it ready.

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noble pig said...

I'm right there with you sister. I can't wait to see what you come up with!