Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday's plans, and then what really happened

I had wanted to make this cake for Honey.

In addition I always have a running list of chores and other such things that I want and/or need to get done. I keep a running list, that way I can accommodate any change or opportunity that might happen. It is not in the category of rocket science or anything like that, just stuff.

Like reorganize the refrigerator, restock the bathroom cabinets, run to Costco, lay around, drink a glass of wine in the backyard while the sun shines and kids are playing at the playground and making happy noise, feed the squirrels, laugh, fold a load of laundry, make the bed. See, just ordinary stuff. But I have learned that the ordinary stuff is so important, it rests the mind and prepares us for returning to work on Monday.

But back to the cake. When I went to the cupboard it was bare of baking cocoa. And really I did not want that single item to be the reason that I did not bake a cake for Honey. So I went to Costco. Found some great stuff, but no baking cocoa. Came back home, Honey was home for his meal break, we had the left over chicken from last night, chatted about his day, He made fun of the cat (again!) and then we talked about the cake. This is where we differ.

There is a baking cupboard where we keep baking supplies, including some cake and other baking mixes. Those are for Honey, he likes to bake and enjoys using the Cake Doctor books. He said I should "Just use a cake mix, they are better anyway; I have never had a scratch cake that was as good as a mix cake". Well now, I have no finish for this sentence, except to say that I did use a cake mix. It is in the oven now, and He will enjoy it. I will probably eat a slice of it, but it will primarily be eaten by Honey and of course Monday's special guest will want a piece.

So the list is still running, I know it will still be there the next time I have a day off. Until then I hope your weekend went well, had a nice mix of accomplishments and fun.

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noble pig said...

I love the cake doctor too...and cakes from scratch...I go both ways.