Thursday, April 2, 2009

No cooking here tonight! No cooking here tonight!

OK, I am tired. I just closed the payroll period and I had 109 hours!

Tonight's dinner is leftovers or anything else I can find. Honey is on the late shift, so this will be just fine. He never knows when He will get a meal break and we have almost given up on eating together during this shift.

But remember those fingerling potatoes that I was going to oven roast and toss with pesto?

You forgot, how could you?

Well I didn't that is up next. Yum, I have never eaten a blue potato before.

Have a quiet evening, and thanks for stopping by,



redmenace said...

There is no shame is giving the kitchen the night off. I did that too tonight! Love the blog!

Melynda said...

Thanks, I agree (about the night off).

noble pig said...

That's my kind of meal.