Sunday, April 19, 2009

A new wall

This week end has gone quickly, as we each had a list of additional things to get done. Additional to spending any amount of time together. When we each have the weekend off together, we usually spend a day of it together. The weekends where we each are off, come around about every 6 weeks.

But this weekend was different. On Saturday Honey had to go to the rental and make a repair of the bathroom floor. He had asked his brother to meet him there and they could get the job done together. Then they grabbed some lunch and got caught up on what has been happening. It was good for the help and the get-together! While Honey was gone, I got the laundry caught up and made a plum crisp.

Today I have weekend manager duty. When I get back, I need to get the hoses set in the back yard. The berries and rhubarb will need watering, and I prefer a drip hose to keep water costs down. While I am gone, Honey will sheet rock the new kitchen wall.

I am looking forward to having the kitchen back in the kitchen. With the wall in process, most of the kitchen is in the garage. Everything will need washing (sanding dust) and organizing on the temporary shelf. There has been only mild stabs at cooking. Eggs. Toast. Precooked food reheated in the microwave. A bowl of cereal. However........

Next Sunday is Cafe. That means time is short, and I need to get busy. I am thinking that I will cook some of the things I have posted previously and update those posts with photos. That serves a two fold purpose, we can enjoy those dishes again and I can update at the same time.

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.


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noble pig said...

You must be so excited to have it all coming back together.