Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The new kitchen wall!

The old flooring pattern from when the house was built. Oh my!

The old wall is out, and the new wall is studded. Sheet rock and mud this weekend. The solid wood sheet seen behind the studs is....

This large free standing shelf unit, we will use temporarily until the new cabinet is built.

With the new wall, we can have the dining room table turned crosswise in the room. There is now room to add all the leaves and chairs for Sunday cafe.

Honey had Monday and Tuesday off, He got a lot done, more than I would of ever imagined. He had wanted to have the sheet rock in before I came home last night, but like all projects some things came about that were an unknown, until they showed up!

We have revised our idea to use the cabinet in the hall as the starting point. Honey says that he can duplicate the cabinet style on the new cabinet he will build. Fine with me, just more storage space, I love that.

I cooked up some things on Sunday and we have been eating them during this time. But last night Honey had stopped what he was doing to make burritos. So I not only came home to a new wall, but dinner was done. What a guy, maybe I will keep him!

Hope your day is great, and thanks for taking the time to stop by.


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noble pig said...

He built a wall and made dinner?

Whatever, I'm jealous.