Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday night brights

This cat is not mine, not mine in the true sense of the word. But He is mine, in that He comes around to eat a meal when He needs and/or wants. Sometimes He is skin and bones, sometimes fairly well rounded like Easter Sunday. I call him "Big Orange" I know not real interesting, but He simply showed up after I bought the house, and well He was hungry. I was happy to see Him again, doing well.
Easter egg hunt, in the rain.

Easter roses, thanks Honey.

The raspberries and marionberries, secured up on a fence. I am hoping they will catch more sunlight.
And the walls came tumbling down! Honey had been busy taking down the wall, so it can be built the way we need it to be.

Hope your week is great, thanks for taking the time to stop by,


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