Thursday, April 23, 2009

I went looking last night

At previous posts and what did I see?

Some funny stuff, because I did not know what to do or even what I wanted to do. I am sure that each blogger looks back and thinks, oh my gosh I did that? But what is out there in the great blog sphere is out there, for better or worse! My goal was to choose some recipes that I have made for years, enjoy and need to update with a photo.

I decided upon, Curried hens, Corn moussaka, Patio Chicken, Spicy beef patties and Carrot pie.

Sunday Cafe menu:

Grilled spicy beef patties
toasted buns, I would like to make homemade sandwich buns

Curried hens
toasted almond couscous

Patio Chicken

Corn moussaka

Tossed greens with dressing, I would like to search out another delicious homemade dressing

Green beans

Carrot Pie

and something I have not made in ages, Bread Pudding

I have found we eat much better throughout the week if I cook up extra on the weekends. If I don't we eat what we find when we come home and are working different shifts. This has been a lot of canned chili or hash for Honey and another bowl of cereal for me. Not good, and I have not been cooking.

The week is ending, Honey got so much done; I am so pleased! I get to spend time with our Granddaughter tonight. We are going to do some "chores", feed the birds, mend a hook on her pants, water the berries. Then we will have dinner together and I will need to get her home. Then Friday is right around the night, I am looking forward to the weekend, it has been a busy week.

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by!


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noble pig said...

Carrot Pie? Now that sounds interesting.