Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I get a 3 day weekend (and basic ramblings)

I am going to take Friday off from work. It will also be a paid day as well, so of course that makes it even sweeter. One of our benefits at work is a paid day off for your birthday, mine now long gone; is why I get this Friday off with pay. I am excited. Of course that means a bit more work each day until Friday so nothing is left behind that needs done, but that is OK, I work in a time sensitive business.

Our town is in bloom. All of the flowering plum trees are in full bloom, purple azaleas, all the early blooms. I love driving along and noticing the colors, makes for a more enjoyable ride. The last couple of days the temperature has spiked, this is common for Vancouver; but short term! We will be back to normal this weekend, and have our lazy spring. I like the weather here, always have.

We are going to go look at kitchen cabinets this Friday. Fun and yes I am pushing to get the kitchen updated!

I have changed the day that Granddaughter comes to visit, Mondays did not work out for me or for her parents. We had talked about Thursdays, but the more I think about it; I am thinking Fridays. I started my week with picking her up for the evening, this way I can end my week with picking her up. Also that guarantees I get out on time!

I have started cooking larger amounts of things so that we can eat them later in the week, we have been eating better also. Nothing exciting enough to share here, but I am cooking; just thought I would throw that in there!

Oh and Honey was promoted at work. Promoted is a strong word because there was not a pay increase, however He is the official Plumbing Pro at his store. The good news and upside to the promotion is that with the new "responsibilities" there will be less closing shifts.

Have a great day, and thanks for taking the time to stop by.



burpandslurp said...

congrats on your husband's promotion!
I love spring weather too. Hope you have a great easter weekend!

Melynda said...

Thanks for visiting, I found your blog as well. Stop by again, and so will I.

thanks again.