Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I did not miss Monday Night Brights, I was looking....

At a different hutch for the dining room. The one we have is nice, but too small. And with space being a premium it is easier to change out the furniture than change out the house! The owner is moving to Alaska and does not want to take it with her. The two pieces were not made at the same time. The bottom section is much older, it belonged to her mother for many years. The top part was made by her uncle, as a gift. And also for more storage room.

I have a fondness for handcrafted, history laden furniture. This will fit right in.

Honey will pick it up tomorrow, along with help from the son and his truck. It will sit in the garage for a couple of days, only because I need to clean it, and empty the other one. But I am looking forward to storing dishes in this and using it every day. When I have it in the house, of course I will show it off!

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noble pig said...

What a beautiful find! Lucky you.