Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Sunday

Personally I love any reason to cook a meal for family or friends, and Easter brunch is great fun. The kids will stop by during the morning and we will have a brunch. Honey has to go to work at 11:00 am so most everything except the clean up will be done. We have a gift bag for the granddaughter and we will have a wonderful meal. Since it is a brunch, it can be a combination of breakfast and lunch.

I plan on serving:

Homemade granola with vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit
Cinnamon roll muffins, (I will post a blog with this later in the week)
Scalloped potatoes and sausage
Frittata with tomatoes and cheese
Toast and homemade rhubarb and red grapefruit preserves.

We will have an Easter egg hunt in the back yard. I don't dye eggs anymore. I fill plastic eggs with coins for the college saving bank that the granddaughter has at home. It is still fun and there is no sugar overdose!

I worked a bit in the Potager this morning. I strung up the berries. Removed the mulch and raked some of the fallen debris that has fallen throughout winter. This 3 day stretch has not been busy or productive, except for not being at work. And that has merit, actually time away from busy is needed by all; so I will go with that.

I did purchase a couple of things for the house, a reed diffuser and candle to freshen up the living room and a new dry wipe board for the refrigerator; to keep track of groceries needed, etc.

We are changing a wall that separates the kitchen from the living room, and of course when I say "we" I mean Honey. I am excited, but like a kid that has waited too long, I am a bit impatient. We are set in our ways however, and we work with cash and as time allows. But I would say by the next Sunday Cafe (May) it will be completed!

I like to be "green" as much as is possible. I am not sure I like that word as it is now known, but it has a universal understanding. I have always been green, was taught green and lived green my whole life. How this ties into the kitchen is that, there is a "linen closet" cabinet in the hallway. The cabinetry matches the kitchen, actually the entire house has the same cabinetry. We* are going to remove that cabinet from the hallway and use it as part of the new pantry being built in the kitchen. Honey will add on to it and create open cubicles and shelves. I can not wait!

Once the wall is built and the pantry is built, there will be separation between the kitchen and the living room. Sorry, but for me; happiness is not looking into the kitchen from the living room after dinner while you relax. I want separate rooms, but I have touched on this before. Of course when you change one thing, you must fix or change what was use to make the change, and we will. The plan is to finish out that hole in the hallway that was a linen closet, and make it into a closet of shelves. That will add more storage back to the house and make what we have more usable. Usable is the idea, since small is the reality. I like having just enough, but because it is just enough, it really must be well organizedl.

I hope your Easter Sunday is full of family, friends and happiness.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by,


* Any time you see the word We, simply substitute Honey!

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Happy Easter to you!