Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today is the end of Christmas

This jar of cookie "mix" is the last of the Christmas gifts. I will bake them up for Honey, as I have all but shouted in the past; Honey has a very large sweet tooth! Possibly why I call him Honey. But back to the last day of Christmas.................................

Daughter is a good cook, actually a better cook than I am. She studies and decides and takes her time. She is not afraid to try something new and will bring it to a gathering. She brought a wonderful braised short rib sauce over pasta that was garnished with bittersweet chocolate shavings, to my birthday gathering. It was so good.

Me, I would not have even have given it a second thought to try something like that. Not because it did not sound good, great even; it is my years of being so very frugal. Those years forced a retraining of my cooking ideals and ideas. Turned me into a bit of a boring cook, I can make you laugh until your beverage is in danger, but sometimes the food is a bit boring.

Now boring is not bad, it simply is not adventuresome. I am trying to relearn and be more like my daughter. I have a willing family at Sunday Cafe, and a willing Honey for the other days and nights. And fortunately I have an understanding Honey, for those times when I am simply to tired after a long day; like yesterday.

We received as part of our Christmas, a food gift basket from her and our Son in Law that included lots of goodies. It also had a couple of homemade mixes. One for dried cherry-chocolate-chocolate chip muffins, I baked those right away! And this one for cookies, that I saved until now.

I guess I didn't want Christmas to end.

I hope your day is great, I have some chores that I have put off until I can't put them off any longer. Which I believe means, get it done!

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noble pig said...

I love those mixes as gifts. So easy to whip up at a moments notice.