Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rounding up something new

Even though it is over a week away, I am looking for some interesting and new dishes to make for Sunday Cafe. I am tired of my own continued complaints about our nightly meals, so we shall move on. Because it is the two of us, Sunday Cafe is a great time to make all the things I am wanting to try; and share with the family as well. And what a wonderful way to try all the good things that I see as I blog hop and enjoy my coffee in the morning.

I have a couple of desserts that I am going to try, this Walnut pie and of course the Bailey's cake from the Noble Pig. I am of the belief that Baily's cake is good any time of the year, not just for St Paddy's day. Funny I never seem to have a problem selecting dessert!

For the main dish, I am looking forward to serving Chicken Vesuvio from Proud Italian Cook. And for fun and something a bit rustic, Cabbage Patch stew from Tasting Spoons.

We need some vegetables to keep things in balance, I will need to do a bit more blog hopping. But I do want to make this salad dressing from Kalyn's Kitchen, I love capers and this dressing sounds wonderful.

If you can think of anything else, drop me a line.

thanks, and enjoy your day.



noble pig said...

Oh wow, I hope you make the Bailey's cake, it was so good. it's posted on a bunch of blogs todays and everyone seems to enjoy it. The walnut pie sounds good too.

ya ya's mom said...

i vote for the yummy broccoli you made a long time ago with lemon on it...steamed broccoli or baked or something :) or your yummy costco beans with mushrooms.

and the chicken vesuvio i saw and was hoping to be able to eat, but didn't feel like taking that recipe on myself :) (LAZY)

caine asked about getting together for my bday...any chance we can just do it at sunday cafe? i'm helping liane with her booth this weekend at a stamp show.