Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday night brights

Who would ever guess this is the same little girl shown at the bottom of this post? Why do kids like to make stretched mouth faces?

This is our house cat, He always eats his tuna first and only eats the dry food when the good stuff is gone. If you go to the dictionary and look up "scardy cat" you will find his picture! You never see this animal when anyone drops by, He is always under the bed.

This is a Walla Walla Bike License, expiration 1969. In Walla Walla you purchased a tin plate bike license each year. This kept all the bikes registered and therefore returnable if stolen. Honey has kept this in his collection of fun stuff/memorabilia for many years now.

These two pictures go together, granddaughter is hiding peanuts for a "peanut trail" for the squirrels at the park.

Our back yard borders the park and school, we never have a shortage of squirrels to feed.

I have gotten a couple of them to come and take peanuts from my hand, they are so cute when they come to the sliding patio door and beg to be fed.

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noble pig said...

Have I told you squirrels scare me.