Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday night brights

Everything is comfortable in the kitchen, using an instant read thermometer and a heating pad to create a warm and stable "environment" for the beta.

Caught in the act! Singing "We all live in a yellow submarine" and eating hot tamales candy!

Organizing the toy boxes. They had become a mess.

Job well done. 4 new boxes with similar type toys. Also room to add more as the grandkids grown and change and increase.

All is well that ends well. This is my new birthday gift.

And I quote, " you were busy grammy and I wanted to watch it but it fell over and I had to put the credit card back". And she did, at an angle that I could not budge. Thankfully Honey was able to get it out without damage. Like I said, all is well that ends well.

We did make 2 new rules:
1. you must ask for help to watch the picture frame.
2. if something breaks, ask a grown up to help.

We have had a lot of rain, I did notice more leaf buds. This time on the raspberry bushes. The rhubarb did not freeze out, the birds are still singing in the mornings and we bought a kite (a big kite) to fly just as soon as there is a sunny day. Soon it will be time for a trip to the beach. Also get the BBQ cleaned up, the tank filled up and the out door furniture set out.

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ya ya's mom said...

oh grammy...thanks for your patience with our short person :) she's such an "independent soul". i love the new rules :)

noble pig said...

You got your frame! Yeah.