Saturday, March 28, 2009

I could not resist!

Honey and I went out to get the shopping done for the household needs and Sunday Cafe. We were in the grocery store, and about half done when the man and his young daughter in front of us, was none other than our granddaughter and her (very good and wonderful) Dad.

They were marketing, well He was and she was dancing (just a little bit) in the aisle.

He was gentle yet oblivious in his attempts to keep her on "their" side of the aisle,
not have her hurt and yet not have the other shoppers need to say something like...........

(LOUDLY) "Some people just don't know how to control their kids"!

The look on his face when He turned around to take on the world was priceless!

I just cracked up, granddaughter came over for hugs and kisses. He asked where would the ranch dressing mix be kept, and then we were off in different directions.

They were going to be stopping for Dad & Daughter lunch out, we needed to pick up the Bailey's Irish Cream Liquor for the cake.

I love days like this...


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