Thursday, March 12, 2009

Granddaughter's busy week

Our granddaughter had a big change this week.

She went from a daycare setting to Pre-School.

She is a different child, because she is being challenged.

I have helped this first week with some of the drop off and pick up routine, as there were previously scheduled meetings and conferences her parents had to attend. But tonight was a telling statement, she was tired; in a very good way.

She was tired from using her brain to learn and co-operate and explore. Rather than being tired from over stimulation and boredom. Even the conversations She initiated were directed at an idea or a specific theme, rather than noise for attention seeking.

With each Monday I/we spend with her, she grows and changes. She of course is only 4, she can manipulate both her PaPa and myself, she does want her own way as often as is possible, she does whine a little when she does not get what she wants, because she is after all only 4.

But this 4 year old is kind, thankful and appreciative.

She has chores and is made to live with the consequences of her choices and/or actions. She has had a library card since 3, writes thank you cards for gifts she receives and is made to say please and thank you.

Tomorrow her folks are back at it, I will be back here. Doing what I do, and trying to be more like the granddaughter,




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noble pig said...

Sounds like she is being raised wonderfully! Keep it up.

ya ya's mom said...

oh what sweet, kind words melynda :) it's wonderful that she has such a fantastic grammy!!!