Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh the changes as the years go by

I believe that it would be fair to say, I am the same person and yet I am different.

Maybe I have had a bit too much time to think as I have been working my way through this cold/flu/virus. Or maybe I have been tired enough to just give in to "good enough" and be done. "Good enough" rarely is, it is what we say and give in to when we are frustrated or tired or out of resources.

I am talking dinner here, specifically dinner after coming home from work. Truthfully I have been struggling with this for some time, I just think this the last month with the cold/flu/virus took me over the edge. And before you know it................

"good enough" is on the menu.

We will be having "good enough" for dinner again tonight. And no it is not a leftover! It is new "good enough". We have had.......................

canned "good enough"
frozen "good enough"
leftovers "good enough"
take out "good enough"
fend for yourself "good enough"

and my personal favorite, I don't care "good enough"

How does this happen?

My gosh, I did not see it coming, there was no intervention.

There were no stern warnings from Honey like, "this can't keep happening" or "Mel, we can't keep eating "good enough", it's not right".

It is safe to say, the kids don't know. We have kept it from the neighbors. And of course I would not speak of this at work. The mail carrier would never suspect, because deliveries of cook books continue to arrive. The grocer would not suspect, they don't know the ingredients for "good enough".

I never knew it would be so easy to be caught up in "good enough" dinners. But it is a downward spiral, because before you know it, you have "good enough" meals, everyday.

I had heard about families that did the whole "good enough" routine for their dinners. And I remember thinking, how can that be? Who let that happen? Who is responsible for dinner? Who will fix that mess? Who will turn things around?

Who, me?

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day today!



noble pig said...

Sometimes good enough is the best we can do in survival mode. You will get out of your rut when you are ready.

biz319 said...

Happens to the best of us! Some weeks I am so organized, and other times I am sitting at my desk at 4:00 wondering what the hell I am going to make!

Chinese take out sometimes wins! :D

Have a good weekend!