Sunday, February 22, 2009

It is time to get busy, and an update

I did purchase a new grinder to make my own spice blends, and I have searched the internet and have a few books to look into and see what I can see. But since I do not have a formula yet, today's roast will not be seasoned with the beloved Bay Leaf Seasoning. I will season it with garlic, thyme, marjoram and salt. In the bottom of the pan will be minced celery and carrot and a couple of bay leaves.

I (cannot believe it) have not completely gotten over the cold, but the cafe will shine today. Honey is working the closing shift so He won't be with us, his meal break is not scheduled and usually after we eat on Sunday; but I will make him a delicious hot roast beef sandwich for his dinner when He does get here.

Our meal will be simple but it will be nice to being back on the road to real life, where I cook and complain and dream about what to cook next! Here is what we will be having:

Roast beef
rich pan gravy
mashed potatoes
baked squash with real maple syrup (instead of the warm salad)
lemon and thyme green beans
tossed salad with Gorgonzola cranberries and vinaigrette
fresh bread (instead of the Focaccia)

apple cake
blueberry crisp

As I said simple but good.

Have a great day,


Update: We all had a nice time. Honey was able to be home and although we ate in shifts everyone had a chance to visit. It was fun to be back in the swing of things, I changed a few things slightly. The green beans were simply buttered, and I did not set out the salad. I did set out cheese and pickles along with crackers for nibbling before dinner.

There is one load washing now, and I have a lot of hand washing to do. The kids always stack the dishes, but I prefer to do the dishes when they have gone home, I would much rather spend our time visiting.

Tomorrow is another day, a work day, our granddaughter day and the start of another week. Thanks to everyone that visited, both here and at home!



ya ya's mom said...

Shorty says, "yuuuuummmmmm! i could eat all that!"

noble pig said...

Glad you are feeling better, sounds like a wonderful meal. Spice grinders are the best.

Caine said...

What if some people don't like gravy? Oh No!