Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

I have been so lackluster these past 3 weeks, and although I live a fairly healthy life, cannot seem to get over this cold/upper respiratory/flu.

Yesterday I multi-tasked, I established a new primary care provider for myself and made sure the cold was not worsening, since for some reason it just keeps keeping on. This has got to be the Ever Ready Bunny of colds! This is what I learned, this is a doozie and my PCP stated that most of her clients are taking 4-6 weeks to get over it. For Pete's Sake! But I checked out OK with everything else.

Honey is at work today, and I want to have a nice Valentines Day dinner and gift waiting for him when He returns. I have also decided to make it somewhat easy for myself, so I shall make........

Cherry Pineapple cinnamon crunch and Chicken and dumplings. Each is easy and He will love both. Add some salad and we will be set to go. Oh and I need to run and get him a gift. He of course does not want anything, and would say so. But I need to get him a gift to show that I think of him.

I have read a couple of articles here lately talking about gifts and the pressure of the message the gift is "suppose" to offer. And I found them enjoyable, if not enlightening. And I also think that most of the "suppose" we place upon ourselves and our actions is fairly early on in our lives. And that thankfully we get over ourselves.

I am going to buy Honey a new seat for his bike. He has been riding his bike to work here lately. He really enjoys riding, and use to belong to a bike club when He lived in Florida. But he made the comment that his butt was sore, and He sure wished he had a more comfortable bike seat. So that is what I will get for him. No it is not glamorous, and no it will not cost hundreds; but is does show that I listen and that I care and that I want him happy.

Tell me, don't you think that is the best kind of gift? Because that is what we really want, someone to care enough about us; to listen.

Lets see,
gift is bought-check
ingredients gathered for the dessert-check
ingredients ready to make the chicken and dumplings-check

I guess it is time to start the oven and get busy!

I hope this Valentines Day finds you healthy and happy.


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noble pig said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you!