Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy 200

What does someone do for the 200th blog post? I thought, with my semi-lazy ways of current; what delicious (read that: easy) thingy could I make? How about a better kitchen? Yeah that works!
I am really lucky, Honey can do anything. Tear it down, rebuild it, whatever. This wall was "decorated" with Zbrick. Remember those? They were an idea of easy decor that looked real, but wasn't; from the 70's. I am sure when the previous owners put them up, they looked nice. But through the years of cooking in the kitchen and smoking all over the house, well they had become ugly. Ugly in the worst way, dirty looking and impossible to clean with the rough texture.

So today is demolish and rebuild day.
Honey is in command, which is OK with me.
I am a great clean up person.

We (read that: Honey is) are going to do one wall at a time. Both to work with cash and because one wall can be done in a weekend.

Today is new sheet rock, move and rewire the light switch for the garage to the inside wall to the right of the door leading to the garage, tape and mud, texture and paint. Then move the china hutch back and I can reload it, after washing all the dishes and glass ware, cause they have gotten dusty.

The next wall is my hearts desire. It will be an actual wall where an open space and eating bar are now. Again from the 70's a "great room" concept where all the rooms (kitchen living and dining) are one big open area. You could sit at the eating bar and watch TV.

I don't know if that saved a few relationships or ended them!

Personally I like a dining room, or at least a dining area in a large open kitchen. Where the ritual of setting a table, eating together and reconnecting after a day apart is the norm. Reconnecting is what keeps a family a family.

Kind of hard, when the TV is the heart of the household.

I never liked the great room concept. I do not want to see my kitchen appliances from the living room or sitting area.

Once the new wall is built, the kitchen will have so much more storage. I can hardly wait!

Hope your day is great, gotta go; there is clean up to do!


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noble pig said...

How great! That is just so exciting for you. Can't wait to see the finished project and Happy 200th.