Saturday, February 7, 2009

Accomplishments and getting better

I think I am right on track with Wednesday being my "get well" day. I could feel things beginning to break up Thursday evening. The horrible headaches, body aches and general nausea are gone, and I have been able to sleep through the night. So yeah, Wednesday should be the day.

I decided that since I have gone to work everyday ill, I would not get dressed today. Not getting dressed is a sure fire way to stay home and lay low.

I have played free cell at least one hundred times.

I made frosted graham crackers, yum! I love these, a rich chocolate frosting between 2 cracker halves. Let them age a couple of day, so the cracker soften a bit, frugal and yummy.

I efiled my taxes, both federal and Oregon state. I am getting a refund. That will go towards the kitchen wall rebuild. I really really really can't wait. It will make a wonderful difference, and change the house in ways that will definably increase livability and the market value.

I have napped.

I have looked at my favorite blogs.

I had lunch with Honey, when he came home on his meal break.

I read the newspaper.

I watched the squirrels and birds eat from the feeders in the backyard. Oh and I watched the cat at the back door pretending to want outside to hunt!

I noticed that there are leaf buds on the blueberry plants, that means spring is on it's way.

I think I feel a little tiny bit of cooking desire returning.

So, I guess I am on my way back! Whew! This was a long time coming.

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ya ya's mom said...

glad you're beginning to feel better!!! did you use turbo tax to do your taxes? any chance we could borrow it? ;) thanks!