Monday, January 26, 2009

The easiest bread, not sure about the herb de Provence

Just a few words about the bread.

Easy and good. And I did not follow all directions.

Why? Because I lack the equipment.

I do not have a heavy weight covered casserole or dutch oven. I have baked enough bread through out the years that I know a small change in baking conditions will only result in a small change in finished product. Without the dutch oven, I did not have an oven within the oven. The only difference I could tell from my finished loaf was color, the bread did not brown as much as is shown in photos from blog posts where the bread is featured.

It is a great bread, easy and inspiring to say the least. Inspiring in that the simplicity will offer satisfaction in baking a finished loaf that is delicious and make you want to bake again.

On to the herbs de Provence, I don't think I like the flavor. Or maybe it is an acquired taste. I found the container of this herb mix at Costco. It was not expensive, so I thought I would give it a try. I am glad I did, but don't expect to do much more cooking with it. I do believe it is the lavender. I don't care for "perfumy" food. I had lavender scones at a tea once, I did not care for them. I do not care for dejaardeling tea for the same reason. It smells and tastes like perfume. The direct smell from the container is wonderful, I do not care for the flavor.

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Sadge said...

My favorite way to use Herbs de Provence is Herb Roasted Potatoes. Cut scrubbed clean Russet potatoes into 1" chunks and soak in water 30 minutes. Drain and pat dry, drizzle with olive oil and toss with a generous sprinkling of Herbs. Roast on a cookie sheet, 425 oven, 20 minutes. The soaking and then high heat makes them crispy outside, fluffy inside.

Melynda said...

Thanks Sadge, maybe this will be a good way to start out with this herb mix.