Saturday, December 27, 2008

Peace and quiet, and goodbye 2008

I love the holidays,

love them,
love them,
love them.

But I must confess, I also love the peace and quiet that comes when they are done. In addition this year, I had 4 days (yes!) off in a row. This will probably never happen again until retirement, but it was sure nice.

And I did, nothing!

Well that is not true, I took the stove apart and washed the burner pans.

I emptied out the salt and pepper and washed the shakers.

I warmed the honey to dissolve the crystals.

I carried wood and kept the fire going in the stove.

I organized the left over Christmas goodies, sending some to the freezer.

I put away the small amount of decorations that we had set out this year.

I had pie and coffee for breakfast the morning after Christmas.

I reorganized the kitchen, hoping to make it "bigger" until we can do a bit of remodeling.

I gave Honey a quick tour of the reorganization.

I stayed in my pajamas all day long, one day.

I did all the things that are easy, peaceful and give a sense of belonging to one's home.

Because the older I get, the more I love my home and spending time there. I have never been a big social person, but I have been a work long hours or long weeks person. For many years that meant a 6 day week.

Home was usually a short visit. One day to restock the fridge, wash some clothes and put clean sheets on the bed.

2008 has been a year of small but significant changes.

I had already downsized my work life (late 2007), and was able to keep going and not lose what I had worked hard for.

I became excited about cooking and started canning & preserving again.

I started this blog.

I returned to/incorporated reuse, recycle and reduce. Now I just need to apply that last one to my waist line!

I made mistakes in the kitchen and the garden, and I will again.

I was successful in the kitchen and the garden, and I will be again.

I calmed down. Not that I was high strung, I was just busy; always more work than workday.

It has been a good year.

I look forward to the snow melting, rhubarb growing in the spring, roses in the summer and more cooking and sharing here.

Thanks for stopping by,



Sadge said...

I want to grow rhubarb. And I did get clean sheets on the bed today.

Melynda said...

Hi Sadge, I have 2 rhubarb plants and want to get at least 2 more. I prefer the red "strawberry" variety. It always cooks up so pretty and tastes wonderful. It should produce great in your area.


Sadge said...

I used to have a really nice rhubarb plant, and then Aries killed it putting in a retaining wall. I've tried a couple of times putting in a replacement, but they never make it. I'll either have to get a bigger and stronger root, or find a different place for it.

Melynda said...

I do not have your growing talents, I bought established plants, otherwise I would have killed them with my kindness!

My SIL gave me a root a few years ago and I loved that one to death. So I decided that my love of rhubarb called for drastic measures, well established plants that just won't give up with my kind of "love"!