Friday, December 19, 2008

Big day tomorrow

It has to be a big day tomorrow because there is a lot to get done!

The following commentary/complaint is available for venting only and not to be confused with that of the management:

Not that I am complaining, the week is always long when I have the weekend extra shift. The "plan" is that for the week that you have weekend duty, you will leave early by the same number of hours that your shift was and it will still be a "regular" week.

But I ask you, who will do the work that you did not get done, when you leave early?

Now you know why I have not been here to show and tell!

And now on to more important and interesting items. I was too tired to get the jam done earlier in the week, so I put the lemons in the fridge and tomorrow will be jam day. And fudge day, macaroon day, noodle day, stocking stuffer shopping day (I do not have enough), present wrapping day, wine sipping day, story telling day, decorating day, and anything else that is holiday orientated.

But right now, the cat needs to be pet, there is a fire in the stove, the bed has fresh sheets and Honey has music playing. So I will see you tomorrow, with lots to share.

In the mean while, this is what Christmas is all about!

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ya ya's mom said...

awwwww, you linked me :) thanks!!! and good luck with tomorrow, you sound busy!!!