Friday, November 7, 2008

Rose Hips

I have spent a bit of time this morning researching rose hips on google. There are roses on the south side of the house, and the bushes have hips to harvest. I have always had a soft spot for roses due to my grandmother. She always had roses in her yard, and she always had a can of rose and lilac talc on her dresser.

She was the beginning in my world of food and growing and cooking.

When we had Thanksgiving dinner at her house, she would let me "cook" carrots on the heating radiator in the living room. That radiator got hot alright, but not hot enough to actually cook the carrots, but we ate them just the same. And of course She stated that they were the most delicious carrots she ever ate.

That's what grandmothers do, they love. It is that simple, they love.

She was also the beginning in my world of being a grandmother, and I try to be just like her.

In my travels I found all sorts of rose stuff. Recipes for syrup, and jelly and jam. Additional recipes for drying the hips and making tea throughout the winter. And recipes for many other uses for roses, potpourri, fragrance jars and rose beads. The rose beads I will add to my list of things I would like to do. I even asked Sadge of firesignfarms for some information, and she graciously returned an email with information.

Back to the jelly; there are many recipes, and they have a basic procedure. I did find one that called for a pint of hips and the peelings from 2 tart apples to be simmered before straining. I liked that one, because the apple taste would not be as strong as the others that I found calling for whole apples cut up. I also found one that called for a cup of dry white wine.

Being a cook and having my own food personality, I would like to combine a couple of the recipes found, and make up my own.

I am going to simmer a pint of chopped hips, and the peel of 2 tart apples and 1/2 c dry white wine, combined with 2 cups of water. And use that as my base for jelly.

I am hoping for a quiet weekend. Life around here has been busy and a bit of a fury. I have a half shift on Sunday, so I won't have a complete weekend. But my weekend duty only comes once a month, so I shall not complain too much. I would like to get a few things organized.

I have come to understand that "organizing" for me is therapeutic. It is instant gratification to see what had been a mess or messy, organized and easy to access. The same is true of cooking. It occupies my mind, my hands and my creativity. And you have something delicious to eat, take pride in and enjoy.

Happy Friday!


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Sadge said...

Your two above posts reminded me of one of my experiments: I made jelly from the apple peels left over from making something, and to some of the jars I added herbs - thyme to some, mint to others. It didn't set up very well - it had more of the consistency of honey, but tasted wonderful dribbled over hot toast. Have fun!