Sunday, October 5, 2008

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Hello once again.

I was (yes, was as in past tense) going to share a recipe using the All Purpose baking mix. It was going to be a lovely thing, with vanilla and nectarines and brown sugar. But my oven, was not up to baking anything. It was actually not usable, because it has been used so much. In other words it was dirty.

You know the kind of dirty I am talking about. Pie or roast drippings on the bottom, that, when forgotten about will be a thick smoke cloud when you preheat the oven for the next session. Thick and smelly smoke that will set off your smoke alarm, and scare you and make you rethink baking and possible cooking altogether. Yes, that kind of dirty!

So I took care of the oven, in order to bake later today and share tomorrow.

I found on clearance (I love clearance!) a non stick baking liner for my oven. I have never used one before and have decided that being on my hands and knees cleaning the oven is not where I want to be in my kitchen. The box states that you simply have to rinse under running water to clean. I actually put my reading glasses on in the store to make sure I read that right. And I had, so it went into the cart.

This morning I scrubbed the oven floor. Well I also cleaned out the nuclear waste that had accumulated in the microwave, but that is totally unrelated to my oven mat excitement. I then preheated the oven to "burn off" any leftover cleaning product, and later I will cut the mat to fit my oven.

Then let the baking begin. This is all in good time actually, with holidays around the corner; there is lots of baking to do.

Tonight I am hoping to serve the nectarine upside down cake, and will share that tomorrow.

Have a great day!


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ya ya's mom said...

the cake totally rocked!!!!