Sunday, October 26, 2008

I do not know what to say, except

Thank you,Thank you,Thank you, and Thank you!

As it turns out yesterday, about 10 minutes after my post regarding a digital camera; my Son knocks on my door. He and my DIL had gotten me one for under the tree this Christmas. He made the decision to bring it over, so that I would not go out and "get me some digital camera".

I was stunned and amazed and so very surprised. They will show me how to use it at Sunday Cafe.

Right now I have the spice cake in the oven, I also decided to make apple crisp in the Crockpot. I know, I know, we don't need three desserts. Someone please help me with this, I just can't seem to stop cooking, once I start!

But I have decided that Sunday will be a cooking day, that way there is healthy home cooked food for the week ahead. I will get things ready to put into the Crockpot or make things that can be frozen and reheated once we get home from work.

I am trying all new recipes for this Sunday Cafe. That is part of the fun, the other part is having the family home for Sunday dinner.

Hope your day is great, mine is!


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ya ya's mom said...

you're very welcome, although truth be told i wanted to wring your son's neck for not even consulting with me :) after reading your blog post i understood though...hope it works out for you!