Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do you remember?

The collapsed book shelf? The one full of cookbooks, here it is, reinforced and repaired. There are a lot of cookbooks, and it is hard to choose one to use. Also you cannot tell, but it is wedged into the corner of the room and it is not handy to get to the books.

Maybe that is why I avoid the whole issue and cook things from other blogs or cooking articles.
But in a couple of months this whole group of books will be transferred to a different bookshelf. That different bookshelf will be in the guest room, where there will be a guest bed, where the granddaughter can sleep, when She spends the night. We are excited about that!

There will be other changes in the house as well. I will get the living room back, as just a living/sitting room for conversation and music and reading.
BECAUSE, we are turning the largest bedroom into a TV room! I am very happy about that. The living room is small and there is not enough room for guests to be comfortable, much less conversation when the TV is on.

I can then get to the cookbooks! It is fun to use a book for a week or two, and then select another. I am always amazed at what I had not noticed before, when I pull a cookbook down from the shelf. As our tastes in food change, so does our thought pattern about what "sounds good".

I did notice I have rose hips on the roses on the South side of the house. I want to research rose hip jelly. I wonder, how about champagne rose hip jelly? Please let me know if you have any information on rose hip jelly.

The peppers for cold meats went on a sandwich for my dinner. And the only thing I can say is, I should of put the sandwich on a plate so I could of had more of the peppers. You know knife and fork open face style, they are that good. I will make that often, especially for a roasted chicken or pork meal.

Have a great day tomorrow,



Sadge said...

A couple of rose hips recipes coming via email. I'll be watching to see how they turn out - hope you post pictures :-)

Melynda said...

Thanks so much sadge, I visit your blog regularly, and appreciate your knowledge.