Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Start of a new week

It was a busy weekend, with yard work, fence building (actually completed on north side!) and a birthday celebration on Sunday. We had a simple gathering with cookies and ding dongs (my Honey's long time favorite) and other things to nibble. Some gifts and laughter, it was a nice time.

Monday was a busy day as well. I had my granddaughter for the day, she and I watched movies, played in the yard and then had ice cream and a Merry Go Round ride at Jantzen Beach. Oh and the stroll down the toy aisle, with "Oh grammie I love this!" and "Isn't She beautiful" when we came upon the Disney Princess dolls.

I was also informed that Granddaughter is having a Princess party for her birthday. She explained to me that all of the little girls will dress up as princesses. She asked me if I would like to come, yet let me know that "Grammies do not dress up, only girls".

After the trip to Jantzen beach was over and we were back home, I gave her a "digger" and she was dispatched to the back yard to play on the slide and pick some weeds. I took her home a bit early because there was no nap, and she was getting tired (me too!) and I still had 30 stuffed green peppers to get ready for the freezer. However when we were in the yard, I noticed that I have quite a few rose hips. I think I will try my hand at some rose hip jelly.

My Honey is out of town for the week, working in Idaho. It will be a quiet week, I am hoping to keep myself busy with projects and getting things done. Sometimes the quiet will lull me into inactivity. I have yet to decide if that is laziness coming out, or my need for some quiet as well. Tonight after work I will make a trip to Costco for the things we need, pay bills because it is also payday and settle in for the night, to start it all over again!

Some of the things I would like to get done:

rearrange the soaker hoses around the blueberries and rhubarb, they have been replanted in better sun spots. In addition there is room to add 2 more rhubarb and 2 more blueberry plants come spring.

Use the curved concrete border pieces (from the lilac tree that was cut down) to make a little garden in the garden for herbs. Then transplant the chives and a bit of the rosemary from the kids backyard.

Carry the cut lilac branches to the wood storage area on the north side of the house.

Clean up the annual flower beds.

Carry the cedar pieces to the wood storage area.

Arrange the pavers for a sitting area under the eves of the house, where there is shade most of the time and nothing will grow!

Prune the roses and harvest the hips for jelly.

Make and freeze some italian style meat balls, for quick meals later.

Yeah I probably won't get this all done while He is away. But it is a good list for the month of September, don't you think?

Hope you day is great!


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ya ya's mom said...

that's quite a list!! :) thanks again for monday...her eye isn't better and i'm takin tomorrow off...god bless the substitute and give her strength...she'll need it!