Monday, September 22, 2008

New menu item

We have developed a new menu item here at the Cafe, FFY. It is tasty, custom tailored for each person, and is very little work for the Cafe owner.

It is Fend For Yourself.

Tonight we will be having FFY.

Today I start the new job and I will need to drive about 150 miles round trip for training. I hope this does not last for weeks and weeks, eeks!

Tonight I will need to get some shoes that are "business casual" and a couple of roasts, one beef and one pork for the crockpot. We might be needing these in the next few days.

A new adventure is always fun, but with only one day off in between old job and new job, I am a little unprepared. Not to mention I was already booked for the Komen race and spending time with friends. And it was just what the doctor ordered.

So for today it is ugly shoes that were from the old job and FFY for dinner.

Hope your day is great,


PS, I know it does not appear I have been cooking much, and that is kind of true. But there are more recipes in store, soon.

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ya ya's mom said...

glad you enjoyed the race...i was thinking it kinda wiped me out for the week...i'm tired, but looking forward to sunday!!! good luck with the new job training, i'm sure it's lots of fun :)