Saturday, August 9, 2008

Woke up to rain this morning

The morning started early, when the rain started. It will be a quiet weekend, and I for one will enjoy that. My Honey, bless him; went on cobweb patrol yesterday and did the dusting and vacuumed. That means I will be able to play in the kitchen and yard.

Yesterday morning I went to the "garden" a real stretch of the word, and picked the ripe berries and tomatoes. I ate them right there, I was barefoot also. Then I came in and had cereal and got ready for work.

Currently I feel very disconnected from the kitchen and the yard. I want to change that.

My current "must remember to do" list:

Bring the sharpies to the kitchen so they are handy to label food that will go into the freezer.
Keep a list on the side of the fridge, listing the bags. When they are used, mark them gone.
Keep an inventory list of the staples in the freezer, and again when used mark them gone.

Those 3 simple things should help a lot.

Of course there is the list of what I would like to do, but it is boring and really it is a glory list. In reality there is only what you actually do!

But here is my glory list:

I would like to make up cookie dough, get it scooped into balls and frozen on a sheet. Then transfered to freezer bags for a quick baking, 1 dozen at a time. I know I could just bake them all and freeze them. But baked cookies take up more room than the dough and I prefer fresh baked cookies. Not to mention that a full batch is too much for just the two of us.

I would like to get a few pre-measured bags ready. Homemade mixes if you will. Of things that the AP baking mix does not make. Then when you want to have that item, simply add the wet ingredients (list them on the bag along with the directions, you can reuse the bags) and bake away.

I would like to make the Rhubarb Chutney, using the candied ginger.

I would like to freeze peppers for use this winter. A tri-pepper blend like they sell at Trader Joes.

I would like to weed, not really; but it needs to be done.

I would like the lilac tree cut down. I know I love lilacs also, but it is in the way of the garden. It begins casting a shadow as soon as the sun is over the house. Also it is in the way of where we will be building a sitting area using pavers.

I would like to clean and organize the "computer room". It seems to be the spot where everything is placed until a better place can be found. PS, by me not by others.

I would like to go through my closets and get rid of the stuff that I would not wear again, even if I could fit into it. I think that is like ironing, a grown up reality.

I would like to go through the jewelry box, keep the real/good stuff and get rid of the rest. And the standing jewelry chest as well.

Wow, that is a lot of glory! Or baloney. I only have 2 days.

I also want to ride my bike with my Honey, have some quiet time and get the laundry done. And make this chocolate zucchini cake.

Hope your day is great!


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ya ya's mom said...

awwww, you linked me...enjoy the cake, it's sooooooo you have zucchini for it? i have more than enough if you don't.