Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rhubarb Preserves

I have been lazy/lost/tired/distracted/bored. Let's see, yeah that about covers it as far as the kitchen goes.

But I was determined to make the Rhubarb Red Grapefruit Preserves this morning. I put the rhubarb and grapefruit juice in the kettle, then added the sugar. I knew there would be no turning back at that point.

There are 4 jars of beautiful crimson preserves on the counter, they just finished "plinkging". A sound that I wait for after the water bath process.

In addition there is about 3/4 of a jar to eat now. That is the fun part, the small amount left over after all the jars are full. It is delicious!

Sunday Cafe Rhubarb Preserves

2 pounds crimson rhubarb, diced 1/4 inch
2 (organic) ruby grapefruits, juice from both and the zest from one
4 c sugar

Combine all ingredients in a large heavy bottom stainless steel kettle. Let sit 1 hour (or overnight). Prepare 5 8oz jelly jars and lids according to manufactures instructions. Place a plate in the freezer to check thickness of preserves. Bring preserves to a boil over high heat, stirring constantly.

Continue to cook and stir 10 minutes, warning the preserves will boil up the side of the pan and may splatter you. It is important to stir constantly to prevent sticking and scorching. Place a small spoonful of preserves onto the chilled plate, the plate should cool the preserves quickly. If not thick enough for your preference, continue cooking. Check thickness again.

Fill jars to 1/4 inch from the top. Attach lids and rings, secure tightly. Place jars in boiling water bath, process 10 minutes. Let sit on counter to cool. Makes 4 full jars and some for now.



EAT! said...

I have had a hard time getting in the cooking groove this summer. Your preserves sound delicious. I made some strawberry preserves in June and still enjoying them now.

Melynda said...

Thanks for stopping by! Our Summer here has been a very cool one, weather wise. Possibly all the gray has had an impact, or maybe it is an easy escape for my lazy streak!

Toured your blog, very nice!