Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Well yes, I did buy another cook book

I felt great joy to find ...the complete book of Small Batch Preserving. I love jams and jellies, pickles, relish, chutney, mustards and the list continues. Especially homemade. Homemade is usually more than the standard one fruit jam, same old pickle, tried and true relish.

It is where there are eclectic flavor combinations, like red grapefruit and raspberry preserves. Pear butter sweetened with orange and cardamom. Small batches of 6 half pints, just right for the two of us, and a few jars for tuck in gifts. A recipe that can be made and cleaned up on a Sunday morning.

I want to make the grapefruit and raspberry recipe this year, as soon as berries come off the vine; ripe and ready! And the Sun dried tomato mustard.

No recipe today, just good news about my "find".

Hope your day was great!



FloridaMom said...

Ahhhh, but there's nothing quite as good as Marionberry jam. You PNW's have the corner on that market.

Melynda said...

They are great berries, and I am probably spoiled by having them available! thanks for your comments!