Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I think I am missing an ingredient

I have searched the pantry and all of the kitchen shelves and it is not there, inspiration seems to be missing from my ingredients/pantry list.

I have no idea why, because I actually enjoy cooking. I also keep buying cookbooks and talking about food and even daydream about what to cook. But alas the missing ingredient may hold a secret to the problem. I could blame the mundane weather, the poor quality strawberries (in our area) or the fact that it is only 2 of us to cook for. But life is life and one must make life work, so blaming is really a waste of time and energy. No I simply must kick myself in the rear and tell myself to get busy!

I have been remiss about posting, possibly because of the missing ingredient. After all if you are not cooking, how do you write a blogpost about what you cooked? Impossible I tell you. I have searched various blogs for interesting tidbits to inspire, and I did find a few. I have even been lazy about general kitchen upkeep chores, such as making another batch of homemade biscuit mix. My recipe for the All Purpose Baking mix lay on the table for 3 day before I got it done this morning. Lazy I tell you!

I know this is not a fatal disease, and there are possibly more folks out there that have suffered from this AND recovered. I know I will recover, however I am seeking a fast cure! Do you have one?

I have been fairly creative with leftovers however. Remember the French style potato salad made in the pressure cooker from the Dummies book? Well as a salad it was OK, but boring. But as fried potatoes it was great!!! I diced one slice of bacon, and fried it out. Removed bacon from drippings to drain on a paper towel. Discarded 1/2 of the fat left in the pan, added the salad potatoes after I had sliced them (include the green onions and parsley, also the salad is very dry, so do not worry about the dressing because there is not much) I browned the potatoes, turned them over and added the bacon and a sprinkle of garlic salt. Cover with a lid and let the other side brown. They were great!

I drained a quart of vanilla yogurt and used it in place of a second block of cream cheese in a cheese cake recipe I found on another blog. The poor yogurt was mistakenly put in the freezer by someone that shall remain innocent, because it was thought that it was frozen yogurt, and after that it actually was. The texture was a bit strange when thawed, but hey; frugal is as frugal does. So this morning there is a cheesecake to enjoy.

So my faithful readers (all 2 of you and I thank you!) I hope to feel better soon, and go gangbusters.



ya ya's mom said...

i was going to make the all purpose baking mix and i printed it and then noticed that the measurement for baking soda is incomplete...it's 1/? can you help me out? janelle

Melynda said...

please do not use baking soda, it is baking powder, 1/4 cup. I love that mix, it is easy and the biscuits are sooooo gooood!

Melynda said...

Thanks Janelle, I found the original post and corrected that as well!