Friday, July 4, 2008

The day is starting quiet

I love mornings like this, the weather is cool and I do not have to go to work! I get to sit here and enjoy my coffee then play in the dirt. I have the next 3 days in a row off, wonderful; simply wonderful.

Oh I have lots planned, there are weeds to pull and jam to make and Rhubarb compote with strawberries to ponder. I have been making this for years and of course there is not a recipe, it is truly freestyle. But this year I will make notes and then post the process here. My Daughter loves it as much as I do. In fact she will get a large bowl of it delivered to her today. A large purple bowl to be precise, she loves purple and I could not resist picking up the bowl at the store for the purpose of delivering the goods!

Our neighborhood has been loud with fireworks each night, but for the most part everybody has observed the 11pm ending time rule. I am not a big fan of fireworks, but it is not only my holiday! Our city hosts a large show each year, billed as the largest display west of the Mississippi, and I have gone a few times. But gosh the crowds are huge and tonight we will stay home and just be homebodies!

Today though there is the list of what I want to do, and of course the list of what I must do.

There is the standard housekeeping to be done, and the kitchen cupboards need a little restocking. Probably some laundry and vacuuming, and sweeping.

Then I get to move on to the fun stuff, cooking and jamming. I hope my 2 rhubarb plants produce enough fruit to keep me supplied. There are two recipes for preserves that I hope to make this year, Rhubarb and grapefruit jam and Raspberry Rhubarb preserves.

My backyard is trouble however. We have lots of large trees and therefore the sun needed to grown a good garden is lacking. But I am determined to have a kitchen garden, it does not matter so much in how much I grow, simply that I be able to grow something. I think that a "need" is in me to grow and putter in the dirt. Right now the plan is to move the berries to the south side of the house. We will do this in the fall after the growing season. There are roses in that spot right now, and they will also have to be moved. But that will be nice, they will get the attention they need in another area. The roses will produce flowers for the table and I won't forget about them. The berries will be happy left alone with only water and sunshine.

Have a great and happy 4th!



FloridaMom said...

We went to a BBQ at my sons house on the 4th. Took a large variety of fireworks and my "world famous" potato salad. It's my mom's recipe and I have been making it just as she does (with a minor addition of garlic salt and powdered mustard) for years. It's always the first bowl to be emptied at parties. Kindof makes me feel good, you know? We stayed for fireworks and then came home to our dog and cats who were royally upset that they had to listen to all the noise. It was a busy day, no relaxed cup of coffee in the morning, but it was fun.

Melynda said...

I also make potato salad from my Mom's recipe. She did not really have a recipe, simply a process. I also made it better with garlic salt! I have been remiss in my posts, thanks for your comments