Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hummmm, how did that drawer get so messy?

Why is it, that I can save more recipes than I can cook? The desk drawer where I keep my clipped recipes is overflowing to say the least. Maybe that is why I am so excited to open the Sunday Cafe. I will finally have enough mouths to help taste test. I have cooked long enough that I know (and have confidence in myself) it is great fun to have new things to eat when company comes, and when the kids come home, they too are company. Food is so multi-purpose, it can nourish, entertain and surprise.

Years ago when the kids were small, I got to be a stay at home Mom. I still worked hard, I baked our bread, canned fruits and vegetables and make jam, pickles and even homemade "koolaid" from the concord grapes growing in the yard. I miss some of that, not the "have to" part, but definately the "want to" part! Apparently it is still in me, because I still have my canning jars and canner. I keep saying "one of these days......." as we all do when we look back on past years. But I have made small steps in returning to those ways and days. I currently have berries and rhubarb growing in the back yard and plans for more. Next a clothesline, I love the smell of laundry coming in from the yard, ready to be folded.

Here is a unique recipe, it is great to add last minute to a pot of soup. It just is fun, delicious and will add a bit more body to a pot of soup that just needs a lift.

Sunday Cafe soup dumplings

3 eggs beaten
1 T melted butter
22 saltine crackers, crushed fine
dash of nutmeg

Stir together well, let rest 5 minutes. Drop by tiny spoonfuls into simmering soup. Cook 5 minutes or until puffed and floating on top.



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Content Digital said...

That was not real cool aid? Mom, I am "crushed"...