Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quiet? Yes we are in painters purgatory.....

On Monday the painter's crew showed up and began preparing the house for paint. The trim was primed, the windows were masked and general things like that. Yes!, we thought, this is going to be done, and we can put our home back together again. And right before the big equipment was unloaded from the truck, it began to rain.

Yep, rain.
Since Monday, our view of the world included looking through plastic masking. For the first day it was actually nice. I came home from work and for a brief moment, it was like being in our own little private place. I did not notice the cars on the road, or folks walking by.

By Tuesday evening (it was still raining...) I realized that it was muggy in the house, because the house was wrapped in plastic. While this is proof that storm windows really do work, it was and still is muggy inside the house. 

Everything had to be moved for the painters and this, 

became this haphazard lot waiting for a patio. 

Everything that could hold anything, now holds water. The rest of the rain torrents became run-off that flooded the streets for the drive home.

(this sits under a tree, it would have over flowed if out in the open yard)

The garden is happy however, it prefers rain over irrigation water, any day.  Between the rain in the early part of the day and the hot sun in the afternoon, the chard is ready to bolt.

Now the painter is saying Friday, I sure hope so! I do feel a bit better being able to talk it out, so thanks for listening. Now if we could just open a window................ 

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Garden Tuesday, the one about the annual visitor.

At first the visits were almost secret like, with just a wisp of vine and leaf across the fence. Then when there was a change in the family that lives in the house next door, the visitor changed also.....

Last year there was hardly any fruit on the vines. This year, the vines are full. When they ripen, and it turns out that they are sweet and seedless, we shall try making raisins......

As always, thanks for taking a moment to stop and say hello. As always we appreciate your time and your wonderful comments!

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